In the far north of Pakistan there is a valley surrounded by gigantic snowy mountains a hidden paradise called Hunza valley. Well it not might be hidden any more as the rate of tourists coming to this paradise growing year by year. Well it’s not only its beauty that is attraction point there are more than 5 reason that I can tell you that is best tourists destination in summer.

  1. Its surreal mountain ranges …gb (2)

Hunza is surrounded by one of beautiful mountain in the world … the mighty rakaposhi Ultar Sar, Bojahagur Duanasir II, Ghenta Peak, Hunza Peak, Passu Peak, Diran Peak and Bublimotin (Ladyfinger Peak), all 6,000 metres (19,685 ft) or higher which makes u wonder and you will surely say to yourself have I  made a shortcut directly to heaven .





  1. People

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As much as the valley is famous for its beauty, the people of Hunza are also famous and noted for their friendliness and hospitality. I think the main factor in attracting people from not only within this country but from around the world is the people are welcoming, friendly and their  Hostile nature has made it even better Hunza the place it is. You could see the spark children’s eye and the youngsters are full of zeal and zest. And a certain smile which tells that they are the future the old are full of joy and without a fear

as if they are getting younger day by day and they enjoy being old walking in the valley streets.


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  1. Trekker’s paradise

Hunza is famous around foreigners specially for trekking.  it has countless trekking destinations which will take you to whole different Hunza .  The ulter meadows shishper , mintaka pass and klick and the pamir which will connect you to the borders of  neighboring countries .






  1. Culture and diversity

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People from different races have come to this land to make it what it is. The rich culture is also one of the focal point which is another main factor. The dresses the folk songs and folk dance unique handicrafts, gem stones, traditional caps, carpets. Show there uniqueness and diversity of this place.









  1. Safe secure and freedom to roam12141810_774087039367065_5051755039322990366_n

Well its absolute safe and secure you can walk around anywhere you want without any fear whether streets fields markets and time. The valley itself is made for that   certainly the safest valley in fact safest place in the country where there is zero percent crime rate. And nobody will ask any suspicious question like why are you here!