Android n developers preview features and updates

The first Android N developer preview is now out and it gives us a sneak peek into what Android N (Android 7.0) will eventually look like when it arrives officially later this year. Of course, developer previews quite often contain features that won’t make it to the final release, but there’s still plenty to get excited about, so let’s dive right in.

Take a quick tour of what’s new in the developer preview of Android N :


Android-N-notifications1. Notifications get an overhaul :

The first big change you’ll likely notice about Android N is its redesigned notifications. They look more streamlined, but they actually provide more details, such as the name of the app a notification belongs to. Tap the downward pointing arrow to view a preview or more details (where supported), or tap and hold a notification to adjust how notifications for that app will appear.





Android N quick setting

2. Even quicker Quick Settings :

On Android Marshmallow, you had to swipe down from the top twice to get to the Quick Settings drawer (once to open the Notifications drawer, the second time to get Quick Settings to slide down). The Quick Settings drawer is still there in Android N, but you can now get to a handful of important settings from the Notifications drawer itself. One swipe gets you access to Wi-Fi , Do Not Disturb, Battery information,To name a few and  the flashlight. You can choose which five settings you want to keep here by re-ordering the Quick Settings, the first five appears here.



Android N battery saver3. Easy battery saver switch :

In Android N you can now turn on Battery Saver mode at any time from the Notifications/Quick Settings drawer. Slide down the Notifications drawer, tap the battery icon, then toggle Battery Saver to On position. You will even get a handy chart that shows how quickly you’re draining your battery.






Android N Editable Quick Settings4. Editable Quick Settings :

Android Marshmallow has a hidden feature that lets you edit or rearrange the Quick Settings drawer, but Android N turns this on by default. Simply slide open the Quick Settings drawer, then tap Edit. You can rearrange, add, and remove tiles as you please, simply by dragging them around.






Android N Open the camera app from anywhere5. Open the camera app from anywhere :

You can open the camera app simply by tapping and holding the Flashlight button in the Quick Settings drawer. Hold it for a second or two, and release your finger once the Camera app opens. A dedicated Camera button would be ideal, but this tap-and-hold trick is the next best thing.






Android N The app drawer lives on6.The app drawer lives :

A few weeks back many claimed that the app drawer may disappear in Android N. The good news is that the app drawer is alive and well in the Android N preview. (And in case you’re wondering, it looks and works exactly like Marshmallow’s app drawer.) Whether it appears in the final release of Android N is not sure, but for now, it’s still there.





Android N Rejiggered Settings app


7. Rejiggered Settings app :

The main screen in the Settings app gets an update in Android N. The top of this screen will now provide useful status information about your device (for example, it’ll tell you if you have Do Not Disturb or Battery Saver turned on), and it’ll suggest settings for you to tweak.





Android N Jump around the Settings app8.Jump around the Settings app

A new “hamburger” menu lets you switch to any section in the Settings app without returning to the main screen first. It won’t necessarily save you a tap, but it might feel that way.








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