blogger vs wordpress
“Blogger or WordPress?” this is a common question among bloggers who are new to blogging. There is no hard and fast rule to choose the blogging platform. It depends on the preferences of the blogger. As of me I choose blogger when I started my first blog. But I won’t recommend blogger, instead I will do a simple comparison of Blogger and WordPress here.
blogger vs wordpress
1.       Creating blog
On blogger you sign up with an email address, if you use your gmail account you don’t need to go for a lengthy sign up process rather a simple one. You will use the same gmail username and password.
Same with the wordpress, you need an email address or URL to sign up. Off course you need to fill the tiring sign up form.
2.       Ease of use
Blogger offers a simple layout and options so that you can work easily.
WordPress on other side is a bit messy, it has all those fancy tabs and option you would see in a sci-fi movie. But it offers a lot of options to work on.
3.       Web Space
Bloggers gives you a web space of 1gb, which is simple very low. You would have to pay for additional space or use data that is located somewhere else.
WordPress blogs comes with a web space of 3gb, which is quite enough for a starter. You can get more space by paying for it.
4.       Customization
Blogger is very primitive in case of customization. You are provided with very basic themes and customization. If you are good at programming or familiar with languages like HTML and XML you easily get free and paid templates for your blog.
Whereas wordpress has plethora of themes available at time of sign up. These themes are highly customizable. You can choose between the themes available on wordpress or get a free or paid theme available on web.
5.       Support
Blogger has a limited support available. You are left with very little choices to choose from.
On the other hand wordpress has an active support available. There are professionals as well who provide premium services for support.
6.       Security
Blogger comes with the google’s sturdy and robust secure platform. You don’t need to worry about the securing your blog against theft, spam or backups.
WordPress is pretty secure, but in the meantime it is a self-hosted, therefore you are responsible for security and backups.
Final Verdict

In this post we did a basic comparison of Blogger and WordPress.  The fact still remains unclear which is better. Both comes with their own pros and cons. It is up to the specification and needs of blogger to choose over the two. I must recommend bloggers interested in knowing more to read the comparisons made by Wpbeginner and Makeuseof.

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