Sunday, October 22, 2017
facebook live

Facebook wants you to watch more Live Videos

The newsfeed is the first page you see after logging into Facebook account. It is supposed to be contained with posts from friends and pages you are following. At the beginning...
like emojis

How to avoid being stalked by Facebook

In our last post ' Behind the story of Facebook's Like Emojis ' we explained how Facebook is keeping track of us. How our data is used that we give without knowing...
like emojis

Behind the story of Facebook’s Like Emojis

Facebook recently launched its latest feature called ‘ Like emojis ’. Yes it’s a tactic to keep you hooked to Facebook and make it more interesting. Most people perceive this but...

World’s Largest Desert Solar Plant Goes Live

World's largest desert solar plant gone live. The plant is situated in Sahara desert near the city of Ouarzazate. It is owned by Morocco. The plant is named after the city...

Google can now translate Pashto and Sindhi to 103 other languages

Google added two Pakistani origin languages to Google translate this week. Google can now translate Pashto and Sindhi to a total of 103 languages and vice versa. Along with translation Google...

Google translate now available in 103 languages

Google translate can now translate words, phrases and sentences in between 103 languages. It came after Google announced in a blog post this week. According to Google it can now understand...

Top 10 World’s Largest Cargo Planes

History was changed when Wrights brothers flew the first plane. Wright brothers may never have imagined of the foundation they built was going to bear such advancements in future. Hundred years...

10 Most watched videos on YouTube

Since Youtube's creation in 2005 a plethora of videos have been uploaded to the Youtube's servers. According to Youtube, it has more than a billion users, and every minute 300 hours...

Updates on Renewable Energy Industry

Turkey on it's way to going green Turkey granted license to Solentegre Energju Yatirimlari, a 49-year generation license, to build an 8MW solar plant in province of Elazig. Project is awarded at a...

10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2015

Lots of technologies are introduced every year by different companies. Some by tech giants and some by tech startups. But not necessarily all of them make a difference or emerge as...
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Special Picks

Anonymous has taken down 20,000 ISIS twitter accounts

Anonymous "declared war" on the ISIS after the attacks in Paris, which left 129 dead and many injured. Anonymous asked hackers around the world...


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