Friday, October 20, 2017

Internet of DNA – 10 Breakthrough Technologies

Internet of DNA The last technology to make it to MIT’s technology review is Internet of DNA, a global network of millions of genomes could be medicine’s next great advance. Scientists are struggling...

Supercharged Photosynthesis – 10 Breakthrough technologies

Supercharged Photosynthesis With development of new technologies to increase food yield, supercharged photosynthesis has taken a step further into the process. The technology is currently implemented on rice plants to carry out...

Google and Ford to make Google car

As Google has successfully experimented with its Dirverless car, its now time to commercialize this technology. Reuters today reported that Google is in talks with Automobile manufacturer Ford Motors to help...

Zong to provide Free internet via Free Basics (

Zong launches free internet initiative called Free basics (former in Pakistan. Earlier Free basics franchise was provided in Pakistan only by Telenor. Free basics was first initiated by Facebook inc. Free Basics...

San Diego to Move Entirely to Renewable Energy in 20 Years

2015 was year of climate. As we saw dramatic changes in climate and recorded the warmest year in history of mankind. We also witnessed representatives of 195 countries reaching a landmark...
artificial intelligence

OpenAI gets funding of $1billion

Earlier we heard Elon musk saying “artificial intelligence potentially more dangerous than nukes”. For now things are not the same, Elon Musk announced the formation of OpenAI (OpenAI is a non-profit...

Google plans to go 100% green by 2025

Google announced on 3rd December through a blog post, about their plans to go 100% green by 2025. It was announced along with the announcement of purchase of renewable energy, that...
google patent

Google parent company Alphabet’s needle free blood draw system

Google has filed a patent for a "needle-free-blood-draw system" that can be used either as a wearable on wrist or a hand held device that takes blood from a fingertip or other parts of the body.
air pollution

Man makes brick from dust collected from Beijing’s polluted air

Turning waste into something useful has been in different ways. Earlier artists, architects and engineer came up bricks made of waste paper and plastic. But there is whole new story, an...

New Technology to solve Daily Charging Problem

Smartphone revolution was a breakthrough but the limitedness of cursed battery life was seeming to be eternal. But no worries now, as a team of scientists at university of oxford have...
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Special Picks

ISIS replies to Anonymous Hackers Group

After the Paris terror attacks on Friday 129 people dead and hundreds injured, the hacking group Anonymous posted a video in which a person...


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