Sunday, April 30, 2017

Google play store in china

Google aims to launch the China-version of its Google-Play app store next-year according to people familiar with the matter, its first major foray in the market since ending localized product-support in...

Samsung W2016 flip-phone

After weeks of waiting, Samsung finally pulled the wraps off the new flip-phone-W2016 in China.Key aspect of the Samsung's new clamp shell handset is that it boasts Galaxy-S6 series inspired design...
android apps

Many Android apps sends unnecessary hidden data

You may not be shocked to know that Android apps sends lots of data.., but you will get surprised to know that how much of it is not really necessary. MIT-researchers...

Next Generation Smartphones Coming soon

2015 has been a brilliant year for smartphones, and it's not over yet. Here look at the best new phones coming this year and next, including the new (Android, iPhones, Windows,...
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Special Picks

Watch Earth Live straight from International Space Station

We all have studied in primary science that earth is round and rotating around its axis. Yet nobody has seen the round and spinning...
how to start

How to start a venture


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