Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Android n developers preview features and updates

Android N : what’s new in the developer preview 1

The first Android N developer preview is now out and it gives us a sneak peek into what Android N (Android 7.0) will eventually look like when it arrives officially later this year....
android powered xiaomi launch in pakistan

Android : Xiaomi Smartphones officially launching in Pakistan

Android powered Xiaomi Smartphones official launch in Pakistan : Xiaomi Inc is a privately owned Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing. It is the world's 5h largest smartphone maker in 2015 It has sold 70.8...

Watch Earth Live straight from International Space Station

We all have studied in primary science that earth is round and rotating around its axis. Yet nobody has seen the round and spinning earth from space, apart from a few...

Hubble Telescope Unveils Monster Stars

The astronomers using the distinctive ultraviolet capabilities of the NASA/ESA Edwin Powell Hubble house Telescope have found out 9 monster stars with over one hundred times the mass of the Sun,...

MIT Researcher created a way to Detect Cancer at Early stage

Some types of cancers are easy enough to be treated but doctors usually do not observe them till it's too late. But there has been a new development. A team of...
Best upcomming smartphones you can buy in 2016

Smartphones which are best you can buy in 2016

We had an amazing time checking out the latest innovations in technology – from smartphones, tablets, and wearables to talking human-like robots, virtual reality headsets, and blazing-fast 5G networks. Here is...

How a Zipper/Zip Works

Zipper, spelled mostly as Zip is everyday use tool. We may not notice but the zipper had helped humanity since its invention. Zipper was initially called as clasp locker. Zipper was first...

World’s Largest Desert Solar Plant Goes Live

World's largest desert solar plant gone live. The plant is situated in Sahara desert near the city of Ouarzazate. It is owned by Morocco. The plant is named after the city...

Google can now translate Pashto and Sindhi to 103 other languages

Google added two Pakistani origin languages to Google translate this week. Google can now translate Pashto and Sindhi to a total of 103 languages and vice versa. Along with translation Google...

Google translate now available in 103 languages

Google translate can now translate words, phrases and sentences in between 103 languages. It came after Google announced in a blog post this week. According to Google it can now understand...
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Special Picks

Apple Pay – 10 Breakthrough Technologies

Apple Pay The seventh technology to make it to MIT’s technology review is Apple Inc.’s Apple Pay, a secure and faster way of buying things...


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