global warming

Climate change is entering into a crucial stage. With 2’C set as limit by UN Climate change institution by 2100, we have reached the first half. The global temperature is set to enter 1’C global temperature increase after pre-industrial times by end of 2015.
Global temperatures in 2014 were just below 0.9’C. According to climate observatories 2015 was the hottest year of history. As we witnessed heatwaves, droughts and  floods hitting different part of the planet. Including heatwave observed in Europe after the catastrophic heatwave of 2003. Droughts hit different states of USA, California in most.
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Carbon dioxide the leading global warming cause, was noted to be higher than ever. With concentrations of 440 ppm. Which is two-third of maximum to limit global temperature increase by 2’C.
The temperature increase comes with 60cm increase in average sea-level rise. This may seem little but can inundate lots of coastal cities.