Live traffic

Live traffic feature was introduced by Google maps in 2007, but Pakistan was not included in the list of countries where this service was available, despite being one of the populous country with problems of traffic. But no worries because Google maps just introduced this service to its Pakistani users recently. With traffic feature introduced you will be able to know about Pakistani roads and traffic jams.

Live Traffic details for few selected Pakistani cities is now enabled, since “live traffic” details are being rolled out in phases, more cities and routes are likely to show “live traffic” details in near future.

Currently live traffic is enabled for Islamabad and Lahore, while usual traffic details — such as traffic situation on a route for specific time — is enabled for more cities, almost for most of cities.

Along with live traffic, traffic incident details are also available, such as if road is closed or if there’s an accident, construction going on or any other incident on road for which traffic might be slow.

To enable “Live Traffic” feature try clicking menu and clicking on “Traffic” button.

Live traffic details are available both on mobile app and desktop.

For cities (Islamabad and Lahore) where live traffic is enabled, reporting was found to be quite accurate, we are still working on that and will be sharing details in another post soon. Till then enjoy driving, at least for Islamabad and Lahore.