how to play flute

Raag Malakuns is one of the oldest and popular Raag in Indian (Hindustani, North Indian) music. It has it’s equivalent raag in Carnatic Music (South Indian Music) known as Hondolam. You can play it on a flute/Bansuri. If you are new to music read our previous post on How to play Flute.

Raag Malkauns is also referred as Raag Malkaush. The name Malkaush is made of two words Mal and Kaushik. Malkaushik refers to God Shiva (Hindu God), with reference to his attire containing garlands, which resembles that of serpents. According to Indian (Hindu) tradition, it is believed that the raga is created by Pravati (A Hindu Goddess, also the wife of Shiva). Pravati used this raag to appease Shiva, whenever he was outraged.

Raag Malkauns/Malkaushik belongs to the Bhairavi thaat (A Family of Raga). It starts with Sa, Komal (Full note). The complete raag is as below:

Sa, Ga, Ma, Dha, Ni – – – Sa, Ni, Dha, Pa, Ma, Ga, Sa.

Raag Malkauns has changed in the course of the history. It is played in a serious, low octave and tempo.

Here is video of Raag Malkauns played on a Bamboo Flute (Indian Bansuri).