Starting a habit is different for everyone. Some have trouble with starting but when they get started they keep up with, some start too enthusiastically but loose interest when face difficulties and there are very few who can start efficiently and easily pick up the habit. Both way everyone has to start and staring is the most difficult part.

You too may have thought of starting a new habit but circumstances never let you do so. Therefore here I have listed some ways start a habit and keep up with it.

Start simple

Start as simple as you can. The more it will be simple the more you will grasp it easier. Starting with a simple task will let you stick to the habit for long. If you want a habit of running every day, start with 5 minutes a day, but increasing it onwards.


The main thing about habit is, it is repetitive. Whenever you start a new habit start simple and repeat it on daily basis. Even do it multiple times in the initial stages to stick to it. For example if are building habit of running then run for a minute or two whenever you get a time slot and this should be additional to your daily routine.

Have patience

Most of the time you will have to be patient enough till you see improvement in yourself. Think of it like this, none of the athletes became what he is in one day nor the Great Wall of China was not built in a day but it took time, people had to make sacrifices until the last brick was laid. So have patience you may never get as good as Mozart in a day or week but it would take patience and struggle to be one.


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Aim for a new target each day. Try increasing the time you give to the habit. For example if you ran for 5 minutes today then aim for 6 or 7 minutes tomorrow, thereby reaching the limit or threshold you set for yourself. This will keep the pace and interest in the habit you are developing.

Never procrastinate

Avoid procrastination as much as you can. Procrastination will lead to procrastination and this endless spiral of procrastination never ends. So whenever you have to procrastinate due to a compulsion, make up for that on the same day or the next day but no longer.


It’s not easy to remember thing that you started newly. Try adding reminders. Reminders may be of different kinds. You can set alarm on your cell phone, if you want to do the thing at a specified time in a day. Try integrating reminders to your daily life, like adding sticky notes. You can add sticky notes to things to which you refer a lot, like a refrigerator, a mirror or the exit door.

Daily checks

Have a diary or calendar to which you add your daily achievement. Marking clearly when you skipped a day or missed you daily goal. This will motivate you to keep up.

Surround yourself with motivators

Share your story with people who are encouraging and motivating. They may be friends or family members. Try avoid critics, because they will suck out every bit of motivation left in you.


Comparing can make you do more. But always take it positively. You can compare with acquaintances who have same interests. For example if you are developing reading habit you can compare with people visiting the libraries that you visit often.

The final say, try not to think of the habit you want to adopt as chore rather make it interesting. Try new things you can imagine, it’s not necessary to keep up with tradition, you can come up with your own. Have patience, repeat and never procrastinate.

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