magic leap

Magic Leap

The first technology to make it to MIT’s technology review is Magic leap, a novel approach to creating 3-D imagery.

Magic-leap is introducing something that you have only seen in Science fiction movies only. It is creating a technology that lets you see virtual objects in real, like a 3D movie but you watch it from every possible angle. It is believed that magic leap would change our concepts of film, gaming, travel and telecommunications industries.

To have an idea of what Magic leap is here is a demo of Magic Leap, as posted on their Youtube Channel

Magic Leap was founded by Rony Abovitz in 2010. Magic-leap created their first prototype in 2011, and patented it in the same year. Although non of the products is commercialized yet. Still the team is working on a better solution.

It has been reported that magic-leap had raised more than $542 million of venture funding from Google. On December 9, 2015, Magic-Leap announced a Series C funding round of $827m. This funding round could bring the company’s total funding to $1.4 billion, and its post-money valuation to $3.7 billion.

Magic-leap has not yet shared the magic behind the technology, stating competition being the reason.

Magic-leap is often compared with Microsoft’s Hologram. While currently avialble 3D virtual reality device is Oculus VR, which is a part of Facbook inc, that it bought in 2014 for $2billion.

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Here is video of Magic-leap founder Rony Abovitz at TEDxSarasota, Florida. It features two people dressed as furry creatures called “Shaggles,” Abovitz walking on stage dressed as an astronaut, and unintelligible rock music.


Header Image: Screen grab from video posted on the Magic leap’s website, showing two of the screenshots of a virtual whale jumping in the water.