2015 was year of climate. As we saw dramatic changes in climate and recorded the warmest year in history of mankind. We also witnessed representatives of 195 countries reaching a landmark accord in Paris to lower planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

Keeping up with Paris climate change summit, San Diego vows to move to renewable energy sources in 20 years, by 2035. Also cutting the green house emissions by half.

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Note that San Diego is the eighth-largest city in United States. San Diego became the largest American municipality to transition to using 100 percent renewable energy, including wind and solar power. The step taken has been appreciated by lots of environmental groups, and termed it as beginning of a new era.

Other larger cities, including New York and San Francisco, have said they intend to use more renewable energy, but San Diego is the first of them to make the pledge legally binding. Under the ordinance, it has committed to completing its transition and cutting its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2035.

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San Diego officials also added they will be replacing fossil fueled vehicles, shifting half of the city’s fleet to electric vehicles by 2020 and recycle 98 percent of the methane produced by sewage and water treatment plants.