snapchat glasses

Snapchat has came up with a new pair of glasses, Spectacles or simply snapchat glasses. With snapchat glasses you can now records videos, take snaps and share them directly to your Snapchat profile.

Spectacles come with a built in battery, lithium-ion. That may last around 12 hours (to be confirmed yet). Spectacles uses a Bluetooth stereo to connect with your phone.snapchat-glasses

They are currently available for sale in United states only. One thing to note they have to be bought through some vending machines which snapchat has put across the states, which are numbered around 70. But the vending machines are moving round the world.You can see the next location of the vending machine at the official website of spectacles [spectacles[dot]com]

They are not there on Amazon for sale right now. The spectacles are available for a price of $130.

Some of the internet techies have compared them with Google glasses. While some are of opinion that Snapchat had done a better job.

Here is a video uploaded on YouTube by ‘What’s inside?’ channel. Take a look at what’s inside the snapchat spectacles.

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