The Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2016. Yes you can be the stark of Iron Man or The avengers. There is a technology with features that you haven’t imagined to be out soon. Everything voice operated.

Yes you read right and you’re not paranoid, the gadgets really are listening. Voice-operated electronics are poised for a quantum-leap in accuracy and intelligence in 2016. Talking offers a more natural way to interact with devices that need complex input but aren’t exactly keyboard-friendly, such as TVs, sound systems and household-electronics. Voice arrived in a big way in 2015 when Microsoft’s Cortana virtual-assistant came to Windows 10, while Siri and Google Now turned up in cars and TVs. This year, expect voice control on more computers and an even wider range of gadgets, including the CogniToys Dino, a toy that uses IBM’s Watson to help answer questions, and Jibo, a talking family robot.

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