MOOC (muːk) stands for Massive open online course. MOOC is an online course meant to offer free world class education at doorsteps to geographically dispersed students via internet. MOOCs are now offered by world’s leading universities and educational institutes.

MOOC is also referred as a variant of distance learning. With participation from vast range of backgrounds, origins and age groups. It differs from online education in one sense that it provides free courses. Though you don’t get academic credits, but are provided with a certification.

MOOCs also provide the students with course materials including video lectures, short tutorials, and reading sets. They also allow you to interact with fellow students and instructors via forums. MOOC has a same set of examining the students i.e. via quizzes and examinations.

The word MOOC was initially introduced in 2008 by Dave Cormier of University of Prince Edward Island. It was to offer a course named “Connectivism and Connective Knowledge”, which enrolled around 2300 students. While Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) had introduced OpenCourseWare (OCW) in early 2000s. OCW provided with video lectures of MIT, which were recorded in real time classrooms. Taking OCW forward MIT introduced first MOOC with a course “Electricity and Magnetism”. This was offered by MIT’s department of Electrical engineering and computer sciences under the name of edX. Another MOOC was working at same time called “Udacity” which offered courses on computer sciences, led by some eminent scientists and professors.

In the same arena there was an online tutorial based MOOC provider called Khanacademy, founded by Salman khan, MIT graduate. Khanacedemy offered courses on different topics, based on chronological video tutorials.

After concluding the first successful MOOC by edX with huge turn over, Harvard joined in. Later other universities of US and world joined edX. Currently the major MOOCs are provided under the brands of edX and Coursera, both of them having courses offered by few of elite universes across the globe.

Here I have listed some of MOOC providers:

Stanford online, Khan Academy, NPTEL, WizIQ, Canvas Network, Peer to Peer University, Academic earth, Udemy, Udacity, Eliademy, openHPI, Future Learn, Open classroom, OpenLearning, Coursera, edX, iversity, One month, NovoEd. And Open2Study.