workplace is new social networking website and app launched by facebook to use at work places
Workplace is new social network by facebook

For almost two years now, Facebook has been beta testing a version of its social network specifically for the office. Now it’s finally available to the masses. Facebook announced Monday (October 10) that Workplace, is live and out of beta.

About Workplace : 

Workplace is a dedicated and secure space for companies to connect, communicate and collaborate. Organizations of all sizes can use familiar Facebook features such as News Feed, groups, messages and events to get things done.

How is Workplace different from personal Facebook account?
Workplace is a separate account that is associated with your company. Rather than having friends as your audience, you create and join groups with your coworkers to be a part of relevant conversations.

Do you have to create a personal Facebook account when you use Workplace?
No, Work-place-is a completely separate product from personal Facebook.
You don’t need a personal Facebook account to sign up for Workplace-and-there are separate websites and apps for both.

Do you have to create a personal Facebook account when you use Workplace?
No, Work-place is a completely separate product from personal Facebook. You don’t need a personal Facebook account to sign up for Work-place and there are separate websites and apps for both.

What features are available in Work-place that can replace some of our existing work-place-tools?
Companies find that they can eliminate or drastically reduce their need for internal collaboration tools such as their intranet, telephony systems, video conferencing and distribution lists.
Many companies find Work-place helps them do more than just simplify communications — it inspires all levels of the company to embrace digital and mobile.
In addition, Work-place is easy to use because it’s based on familiar Facebook features like News Feed, Groups and Messages. There’s no training required.

How much does this cost?

The pricing model is based on a monthly fee per active user. Please see the details at Workplace-Price Plans.

Why should any company pay for Work-place when some of the features are available on Facebook?
Enterprises have specific requirements for tools in the-workplace. Enterprise features such as single sign-on (SSO), secure identity management, enterprise support and analytics are included in-Work-place. The company retains ownership of the data their employees post into-Work-place, and have mechanisms to export that information and manage its community in ways that are not available in the consumer version of Facebook.

How can my company sign up for Work-place?
You can submit a request at Work-place Signup.

How many companies are using Workplace?
There are over 1,000 companies around the globe using-Work-place.
These companies span multiple industries – retail, technology, telecommunications, financial services, media, entertainment, food & beverage, transportation, real estate, utilities, shipping and government.

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